Professional Practice Series

Ideal for industrial and organizational psychologists, organizational scientists and practitioners, human resources professionals, managers, executives, and those interested in organizational behavior and performance, these volumes are informative and relevant guides to organizational practice. You'll find guidance, insights, and advice on how to apply the concepts, findings, methods and tools derived from organizational psychology to organizational problems.


Advancing Human Resource Project Management

Tackling major human resources management projects can be daunting, but now you can learn from the lessons of HR professionals who have encountered roadblocks or challenges in similar contexts. This book is an in-depth, thoughtful resource that highlights the knowledge and experience of those who have undertaken large HR projects. This guide illustrates what worked and what didn't, with a focus on evidence and real-world cases to illuminate effective strategies and solutions. Each chapter presents empirical findings complemented by professional judgment and wisdom from human resource management professionals well-versed in global business environments.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Richard Klimoski, Beverly Dugan, Carla Messikomer, Francois Chiocchio

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date:12/21/2014
ISBN: 9781118458037
Pages: 560

Advancing Executive Coaching

This book addresses the most critical issues impacting the future of leadership coaching as an organizational development initiative. It is organized around a Leadership Coaching Framework that employs a systems approach to frame the myriad issues. In addition to the introductory chapter that provides an overview of the book, the 16 contributed chapters are grouped into three sections with the final chapter providing a review of the major themes in the volume with a discussion integrating the global discussions and future directions for leadership coaching.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Gina Hernez-Broome, Lisa A. Boyce

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date:12/8/2014
ISBN: 978-0-470-55332-9
Pages: 481

Developing and Enhancing Teamwork in Organizations

This volume provides evidence-based guidelines to help practitioners seeking advice, recommendations, and guidance for developing and enhancing high-performance teams. Co-Published by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, this volume features all-star editors and contributors highlighting the evidence, the lessons learned, the principles and the findings that matter when composing and managing work teams. Global I-O faculty and practitioners, students, and HR professionals will benefit from discussion on the organizational influence on teams, the leader's contribution to the teams, and how context matters in teams.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Eduardo Salas, Scott Tannenbaum, Debra Cohen, Gary Latham

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date: 6/1/2013
ISBN: 9781118145890
Pages: 698

Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent

Research increasingly and conclusively shows that effective leaders continue to learn, grow, and change throughout their careers and that a significant part of this development occurs through on-the-job experiences. Co-published by the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and sponsored by the Center for Creative Leadership, Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent provides real-world strategies, best practices, lessons learned, and global perspectives on how organizations effectively use experience to develop talent.

Provides an in-depth look at a variety of leader development initiatives that have taken up the challenge of putting experience at the center of the development process.

Written by senior practitioners who have implemented initiatives they write about.

Shares new development planning tools, systematic approaches to managing the assignments of high potentials, tools to educate managers on how to find assignments that meet their employee's development needs.

Includes online resources that allow employees to search for development opportunities.

Describing challenges and practices in multinational companies around the world, Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent will serve as a focused guide to how organizations can use on-the-job development to reshape leader development practices that better integrate work and learning.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Eduardo Salas, Scott Tannenbaum, Debra Cohen, Gary Latham

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 3/17/2014
ISBN: 9781118767832
Pages: 462

Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion

This book outlines the key issues involved in framing, designing, and implementing inclusion initiatives for organizations and groups. It offers ideas for helping individuals develop competencies for inclusion. It shows how to apply the practices of inclusion and provides a unified model by employing diverse voices to address a range of related topics in multiple contexts. It also contains examples of how diversity and inclusion has worked in a variety of settings. The book is includes information from topic experts, including internal and external change agents and academics.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Bernardo Ferdman, Barbara Deane

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date:11/1/2013
ISBN: 9780470401330
Pages: 622

Managing Human Resources for Environmental Sustainability

Businesses are being pressured by governments, customers and employees alike to adopt environmentally-friendly policies and practices. This volume describes these trends and examines their implications for scholars and practitioners of human resource management. It explores the macro context that is shaping organizational responses to environmental concerns and includes several case studies that illustrate organizational initiatives that have clear implications for workforce management. The book also presents empirical research that is directly relevant to human resource management for environmentally-friendly organizations. International in scope it reflects concerns of different regions of the world North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Susan E. Jackson, Deniz S. Ones, Stephan Dilchert

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date:7/1/2012
ISBN: 9780470887202
Pages: 456

Technology-Enhanced Assessment of Talent

This volume provides research-based guidelines to help practitioners make better decisions on using technology to assess talent at all levels of the organization and for a full range of applications, from entry-level selection to senior-level succession and talent management. The book reviews of the various ways technology can enhance the administrative ease, credibility, validity, and cost effectiveness of assessments used by organizations in selection and other candidate evaluation processes. It also addresses measurement issues, examines case studies of current practice, and outlines agendas for future research and practice.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Nancy Tippins, Seymour Adler

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date: 4/1/2011
ISBN: 978-0-470-59158-1
Pages: 454

Going Global

"The very concept of globalization is evolving, and this book provides a useful toolkit to those who want to capitalize on the opportunities that the global workplace offers."—Wayne F. Cascio, Ph.D., editor, Journal of World Business, Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership, University of Colorado, Denver "A very timely and useful look at the global workplace and how talent should be managed in it."—Edward E. Lawler III, Distinguished Professor, University of Southern California "The time has long past when we, in organizational psychology, can confine our research and practice to North American settings. This book is timely and will provide an important resource for those who are interested in the global application of our tools and principles."—Gary P. Latham, Secretary of State, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto "A book that fills a gap: This is one of the rare books that provides HR professionals with insights that are not only up to date from a technical perspective but truly practical and relevant in a global workplace."—Michael Liley, partner and global HR director, Ernst & Young

Editor(s)/Author(s): Kyle Lundby, Jeffrey Jolton

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Publication Date:4/1/2010
ISBN: 9780470525333
Pages: 425

Handbook of Workplace Assessment

Given the trend for organizations to streamline their workforce and focus on acquiring and retaining only top talent, a key challenge has been how to use assessment programs to deliver a high-performing workforce that can drive revenues, shareholder value, growth, and long-term sustainability. The Handbook of Workplace Assessment directly addresses this challenge by presenting sound, evidence-based, and practical guidance for implementing assessment processes that will lead to exceptional decisions about people. The chapters in this book provide a wide range of perspectives from a world-renowned group of authors and reflect cutting-edge theory and practice.

The Handbook of Workplace Assessment:

* provides the framework for what should be assessed and why and shows how to ensure that assessment programs are of the highest quality

* reviews best practices for assessing capabilities across a wide variety of positions

* summarizes key strategic applications of assessment that include succession management, mergers, acquisitions and downsizings, identification of potential, and selection on a global scale 

* highlights advances, trends, and issues in the assessment field including technology-based assessment, the legal environment, alternative validation strategies, flaws in assessment, and the strategic use of evaluation to link assessment to organizational priorities.

Editor(s)/Author(s): John C. Scott, Douglas H. Reynolds

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 7/1/2010
ISBN: 978-0-470-40131-6
Pages: 850

Strategy Driven Talent Management

Professionals are searching for an integrated approach to building and sustaining leadership talent. This volume in the SIOP Professional Practice series provides an up-to-date perspective on current talent management practices in business organizations. Bringing together a collection of thought leaders and managers from noted organizations, this book presents state-of-the-art ideas, best practices, and guidance on how to recruit, select, assimilate, develop, compensate, and retain exceptional leaders. It contains the knowledge, research, and experience in developing and implementing those practices and initiatives, and provides an effective resource for I-O psychologists and HR professionals.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Ben E. Dowell, Rob Silzer

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 11/1/2009
ISBN: 978-0-787-98847-0
Pages: 881

Performance Management

Winner of the 2009 Academy of Human Resource Development's R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Award! There has been a shift in HR from performance appraisal to performance management. This book contains a broad range of performance management topics, offers recommendations grounded in research, and many examples from a variety of organizations. In addition to offering state-of-the-art descriptions of performance management needs and solutions, this book provides empirical bases for recommendations, demonstrates how performance management tracks and helps promote organizational change, and examines critical issues. This book makes an ideal resource for I-O psychologists, HR professionals, and consultants.

Editor(s)/Author(s): James W. Smither, Manuel London

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 8/1/2009
ISBN: 978-0-470-19232-0
Pages: 668

Alternative Validation Strategies

Alternative Validation Strategies is a groundbreaking compendium of the most current research and practical guidelines for time and cost saving alternatives to the traditional test validation strategies associated with the selection processes. The "state of the science" strategies outlined in this valuable resource help employers to evaluate the inferences drawn from their selection procedures while offering practices that meet stringent legal and regulatory requirements.

Written by leading experts in the field each chapter explores a particular strategy from an applied perspective. The authors offer detailed descriptions and straightforward discussions of appropriate applications as well as the pros and cons of each strategy. All the strategies presented are well grounded in theoretical and research frameworks.

Editor(s)/Author(s): S. Morton McPhail

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 2/2/2007
ISBN: 978-0-787-98242-3
Pages: 447

Customer Service Delivery

Taps into business, marketing, and psychological research and practices to provide a wealth of knowledge about customer service. With contributions from some of the best-known industrial and organizational psychology experts in customer service, this book brings together in one comprehensive resource a review of the best practices in customer service delivery. Customer Service Delivery also provides a framework for customer service as a process and an outcome. The authors address a wide range of topics that are crucial to 

today’s competitive business environment: customer expectations, loyalty satisfaction, product versus service delivery, measurement, brand equity, regional and cultural differences, and organizational impact. Customer Service Delivery explores human resource staffing practices and service delivery by including proven selection strategies for hiring top quality service workers, an analysis of the personality correlates of service performance, and a comprehensive review of assessment instruments that predict customer service performance. In addition, this important resource contains strategies and tactics to improve and manage service delivery and offers illustrative case examples of how organizations have successfully improved and managed customer service.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Eduardo Salas, Lawrence Fogli

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date:12/21/2005
ISBN: 978-0-7879-7620-0
Pages: 315

Getting Action from Organizational Surveys

Provides the information industrial/organizational psychologists and human resource professionals need to put survey results into action—action that gets results. Edited by organizational survey pioneer Allen I. Kraut and contributed to by leading-edge practitioners, this comprehensive volume outlines new concepts to the survey lexicon, new methods of collecting and delivering results, new applications to various organizational situations, and new perspectives on how to look at and understand surveys and their place within organizations.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Allen Kraut

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date: 2/1/2006
ISBN: 0787979376
Pages: 632

Employment Discrimination Litigation

Assembles complete and integrated knowledge from the acknowledged experts in this arena. The volume is geared toward application and will illuminate some arcane practical issues such as Daubert motions, class certification issues, the setting of cut scores that will withstand challenge, common statistical analyses of adverse impact, merit-based issues, and much more.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Frank Landy

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date: 2/1/2005
ISBN: 978-0-470-62201-8
Pages: 637

The Brave New World of eHR

This book provides readers with a current overview of the major technological trends as they impact each functional area of HR practice. Each chapter reviews how existing processes and practices in one functional area of HR are changing as a result of technology. For example, chapters will focus on the impact of eHR on HR strategy, recruitment, selection, training, performance management, compensation, benefits, delivery of HR systems, &internal customer satisfaction. Existing research reviewed.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Dianna Stone, Hal Gueutal

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 3/1/2005
ISBN: 978-0-7879-7338-4
Pages: 310

Improving Learning Transfer in Organizations

Improving Learning Transfer in Organizations features contributions from leading experts in the field learning transfer, and offers the most current information, ideas, and theories on the topic and aptly illustrates how to put transfer systems into action. In this book, the authors move beyond explanation to intervention by contributing their most recent thinking on how best to intervene in organizational contexts to influence the transfer of learning. Written for chief learning officers, training and development practitioners, management development professionals, and human resource management practitioners, this important volume shows how to create systems that ensure employees are getting and retaining the information, skills, and knowledge necessary to accomplish tasks on the job.

Improving Learning Transfer in Organizations addresses learning transfer on both the individual and organizational level. This volume shows how to diagnose learning transfer systems, create a transfer-ready profile, and assess and place employees to maximize transfer. The book includes information on how to determine what process should be followed to design an organization-specific learning transfer system intervention. The authors focus on the actual learning process and show how to use front-end analysis to avoid transfer problems. In addition, they outline the issues associated with such popular work-based learning initiatives as action learning and communities of practice, and they also present applications on learning transfer within e-learning and team training contexts.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Elwood Holton III, Timothy Baldwin

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 12/22/2003
ISBN: 978-0-7879-6540-2
Pages: 328

Resizing the Organization

Offers a wealth of theoretical information, best business practices, and winning techniques for executives who must guide their companies through the often difficult processes of mergers, acquisitions, and downsizings. Written by top experts in the field, Resizing the Organization is a field guide for applying industrial and organizational psychology theories and practices to the management of change strategies.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Kenneth DeMeuse, Mitchell Marks

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 1/1/2003
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5891-6
Pages: 402

Creating, Implementing, and Managing Effective Training and Development

Put the most advanced training practices available today to work for your organization. In this guidebook, a number of researchers and practitioners combine the often unshared breakthroughs from a number of training disciplines into a single set of principles and guidelines that you can use to implement and maintain a state-of-the-art training program. Learn the best practices and most current developments in strategic planning and needs assessment, training design and media selection, training delivery, transfer of training and training evaluation, long-term maintenance of leading programs within organizations, and more!

Editor(s)/Author(s): Kurt Kraiger

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 11/12/2001
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5396-6
Pages: 416

Implementing Organizational Interventions

This volume of SIOP’s Professional Practice Series is an essential resource that offers practical models, strategies, and guidance for effective implementation of organizational interventions, and practical advice for dealing with the myriad challenges that affect a wide range of organizational interventions. With emphasis on actually implementing organizational interventions in a variety of cultures and climates, this nuts-and-bolts guide covers all the bases. It not only provides readers with expert advice on confronting the variables that effect a broad array of organizational interventions, but also offers practical guidance for increasing the probability of success. Chapters are arranged around major content areas, including staffing, performance management, reward systems, and organizational strategy, and focus on the primary steps involved, issues that must be considered, and decisions that must be made. First-hand accounts by the contributors illuminate real-world application.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Elaine Pulakos, Jerry Hedge

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 4/1/2002
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5722-3
Pages: 321

Organizational Development

The 12th volume in the Professional Practice Series presents a unified framework for understanding organization development and demonstrates its organizational impact and specifies what types of efforts and interventions should and should not represent organization development.

This hands-on guide—for planning, diagnosing, implementing, and evaluating organization development interventions—gives scientifically based information, tools, suggestions, and guidelines for those who must manage the human side of change.

In Organization Development, leading experts and pioneers:
   * Present a unified framework for understanding OD
   * Demonstrate OD's effectiveness for improving individual and organizational performance
   * Specify what types of goals, values, practices, and interventions should (and should not) represent OD

You'll gain a clear understanding of the processes, approaches, and strategies that have been proven to work in managing organizational change. Plus, you'll get a wealth of charts, materials, and checklists, as well as useful practice tips.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Allen Church, Janine Waclawski

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 11/1/2001
ISBN: 978-0-7879-5718-6
Pages: 352

The Twenty-First Century Executive

The 13th volume in the Professional Practice Series provides HR professionals and I-O practitioners a greater understanding of executive dynamics, development tools, and proven techniques for managing executives.  Bringing together leading-edge practitioners, this volume explores executive performance and effectiveness and documents unique executive-level human resource applications.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Rob Silzer

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 11/15/2001
ISBN: 978-0-787-95287-7
Pages: 361

Managing Selection in Changing Organizations

In this volume, managers can find the practical guidance they need to make decisions about the crucial process of employee selection in today's changing business environment. An outstanding group of contributors-each with direct experience creating effective selection programs for contemporary organizations-makes applicable proven strategies for the design and management of the selection process. They examine selection management in its organizational, social, and legal contexts and help human resource professionals forge links between selection and other critical HR functions such as training, development, recruitment, and resourcing.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Jerard Kehoe

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 12/22/1999
ISBN: 978-0-7879-4474-2
Pages: 486

Evolving Practices in Human Resources Management

The latest research and notes from the field that provide new insights on organizational change and its impact on the future of HRM concepts and practice. Written for non-experts in jargon-free language, this work shows how to create systems within organizations that preempt the monetary, strategic, and emotional costs associated with on-the-job conflict. Its clear and simple approach translates advanced concepts into practical how-tos and provides readers with four guiding principles they can follow to create conflict control systems of their own. Amply illustrated with real-world examples, it details the policies, procedures, and practices that make for successful control systems and tells precisely how to implement them.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Allen Kraut, Abraham Korman

Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Pubication Date: 3/1/1999
ISBN: 978-0-7879-4012-6
Pages: 376

Individual Psychological Assessment

Presented by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, this is the first work to offer readers a comprehensive look at individual psychological assessment as practiced in business environments. Here, you will examine the best methods and techniques now in use. You will see how assessment is being used to alter organizational cultures and achieve specific business goals. You will discover a framework you can use to make your own practice state-of-the-art. And you will benefit from thought-provoking discussions on issues vital to the field's continued success as well as informed predictions for its future. All of which makes this an essential resource any person concerned with individual psychological assessment should possess.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Richard Jeanneret, Rob Silzer

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 7/1/1998
ISBN: 978-0-7879-0861-4
Pages: 495

Performance Appraisal

This book fulfills the practitioner's long-standing need for a research-based guide to the best performance appraisal practices currently in use. Addressing an issue vital to all organizations, it introduces readers to thought and theories on the cutting-edge of their profession. Plus, it provides nuts-and-bolts guidance to a broad spectrum of timely issues such as legality, fairness, team settings, and incentive programs. A seamless fusion of state-of-the-art research and practical application, it will prove of great interest to both academics and practitioners in the field looking for ways to elevate and refine their craft.

Editor(s)/Author(s): James W. Smither

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 4/1/1998
ISBN: 978-0-7879-0945-1
Pages: 608

Organizational Surveys

With escalating demands upon research and assessment growing more varied, surveys are now used to assess and drive organizational change by examining company performance, customer and employee satisfaction, empowerment, and key aspects of corporate culture. With Organizational Surveys, you'll learn how to: * Drive change with surveys * Use 360 degree feedback * Set expectations of results * Deal with ethical concerns * Facilitate feedback, action-planning, and follow-through . . . and much more! No other book approaches this collection's range and specificity, or its emphasis on actual practice in organizations. It's your indispensible toolbox for assessment and change!

Editor(s)/Author(s): Allen Kraut

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 6/21/1996
ISBN: 978-0-7879-0234-6
Pages: 417

Employees, Careers, and Job Creation

Shows how to predict potential career opportunities in an organization, assess employee skills, develop training goals, and clear barriers like resistance to learning.

Editor(s)/Author(s): Manuel London

Publisher: Pfeiffer
Pubication Date: 12/22/1995
ISBN: 978-0-470-54766-3
Pages: 316