Feature Stories


Cultivating a Future of Meaningful, Impactful, and Transparent Research
Jessica Nicklin, Jennifer Gibson, & James Grand

MetaBUS: An Open Search Engine of I-O Research Findings
Chris Baker, Frank Bosco, Krista Uggerslev, & Piers Steel

Call for Proposals for Updated Graduate Program Rankings
Nicholas P. Salter, Joseph A. Allen, Allison S. Gabriel, David Sowinski, & Loren Naidoo

A Comparison of the Revised E&T Guidelines to the Careers Study Results
Stephanie Payne & Joy Oliver

PTCMW’s Graduate Student Consulting Challenge: Developing the Next Generation of I-O Psychologists
Nikki Blacksmith, Matthew Fleisher, & Gonzalo Ferro

An Update of Landy's (1997) Psychology Family Trees
Jeffrey Cucina & Fresia Jackson



Trans Issues in the Workplace 101
Katina Sawyer, Jayden Thai, Larry Martinez, Nicholas Smith, & Steve Discont

Licensing and Industrial-Organizational Psychologists: Member Needs and News
Ted R Axton, Ben Porr, Soner Dumani, & Meredith Ferro

Auto-Detection Versus Self-Report: Best Practices in Mobile Device Research
Jessica R. Petor, Ted B. Kinney, Luye Chang, Amie D. Lawrence, and Don Moretti

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The History Corner:  The First SIOP Conference

Mike Zickar
SIOP Historian
Bowling Green State University


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