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Using Science to Choose the President

Jessica Deselms, Lauren Bahls, Kristie Campana, and Daniel Sachau
Using science to pick the best person for the job: Would it work for president of the United States?

Toward a Critical I-O Psychology
Nathan Gerard

Scholarly Traditions and the Gig Economy: Reply to Gerard
Richard A. Guzzo

I-O Psychology’s Lack of Research Integrity
Sheila K. List & Michael A. McDaniel

Expected Utility of Interest Inventories in Employee Selection: Perceptions of Industrial-Organizational Psychology Experts
Amy J. Mandelke, Elizabeth L. Shoenfelt, & Reagan D. Brown

Four Interpretations of a Correlation Coefficient: Expectancies, Vector Angles, Scatter Plots, and Slopes
Jeffrey Cucina & Julia Berger


SIOP’s Advocacy for Corporate Social Responsibility, Humanitarian Work Psychology, and Sustainable Development Continues: The SIOP CSR Summit
SIOP-United Nations Committee
The 2015 CSR Summit may be over, but its effects continue. Read all about it here!

Advancing the Practice of Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Introducing the IOP Practice Forum
Mark L. Poteet, John C. Scott, & Deborah E. Rupp

The Georgia Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (GAIOP): A New Stage in the Evolution of Georgia’s I-O Community 
Nita French

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It’s the Leadership, Stupid— An I-O Psychology Perspective on the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
Ronald E. Riggio

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In Memoriam: James L. Outtz
Sheldon Zedeck & Wayne Cascio
A lovely tribute to SIOP's president-elect and a giant in the I-O world.  Dr. Outtz is sorely missed but his legacy continues.

Call for Proposals for I-O Graduate Program Rankings
Nicholas P. Salter, Joseph A. Allen, Allison S. Gabriel, David Sowinski, and Loren Naidoo

SIOP 2017: Orlando

Zack Horn & Chu-Hsiang (Daisy) Chang


Announcing SIOP 2017 Preconference Workshops & New Half-Day Option
Emily Solberg
Get your CE credit by attending one or two of these cutting edge sessions before the conference even starts!

APA Council of Representatives Report
Lori Foster, Georgia Chao, Deirdre Knapp, and Stephen Stark

American Psychological Association Convention 2016: Denver, ColoradoDenver, Colorado
Mindy Shoss

I-O @ APS 2017—Let’s Go to Boston!
Silvia Bonaccio, Margaret Beier, Harrison J. Kell, & Christopher Wiese, Purdue University

Report of the Executive Director Selection Advisory Committee
Tammy Allen, Milt Hakel, Bill Macey (co-chair), Fred Oswald (co-chair), Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, & Nancy Tippins


SIOP Members in the News

Clif Boutelle

David Tomczak